Your Students Will Get

  • Valuable Work Experience in Top International Firm

    Students can boost their resume by working directly with other lead ambassadors globally and get the insights from a top international firm (NYSE:TAL).

  • Real World Application of Practical Skills

    Campus ambassadors have the chance to take what they have learned and put this knowledge into real practice.

  • Insights about the Global Market

    Student ambassadors will learn more about international business, human resources, marketing, multi-language and culture, and many other career fields.

  • Campus & International Networking Opportunities

    As a Campus Ambassador, students will have an active role on their campus and bridge people and groups from their campus and around the globe.

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to

  1. Design and implement a marketing plan for their campus and community
  2. Be involved in on-campus activities, attend career fairs, and special conferences
  3. Plan their own culture- and job-related events
  4. Connect and network with current students
  5. Help graduating students who have interest in working abroad
  6. Build their interpersonal and leadership abilities

Being a Campus Ambassador is more than a part-time job; working with Career China provides students the ultimate opportunity to develop themselves professionally and expand on their personal interests. We would love to partner with more universities and campus organizations to give more students the chance to grow their work experiences.

  • If you have any students interested in becoming a Career China Campus Ambassador, visit our Career China Ambassador Application page here.

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  • If you are willing to work collaboratively and start a Campus Ambassador Program or if you have any questions, please contact us: