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Liz Smith
Liz Smith

Liz Smith left the daily grind in the States to travel the world with her husband. Eventually teaching English in China & loving it, she began sharing her experience with others who are interested in embarking on this new adventure!

 / Aug 14, 2017

Life’s an adventure.  And young professionals today deserve to have career opportunities, with the chance to earn a good living.  Imagine being able to have a comfortable lifestyle and gain international work experience, while also being able to travel and explore a whole new culture.  As a leader in the global economy, the ability to live and work in China can be the opportunity of a lifetime.  So let's get down to the details about how to find a job in China.

Why Work in China?

The world is more connected than ever.  Globalization has led to opportunity for talented individuals to live and work abroad.  With explosive growth and development, China is at the forefront of opportunity.  With China’s key role in the global economy, many Chinese companies are looking to hire overseas professionals to help them achieve their goals.  

While international professionals are being sought by Chinese companies in a variety of industries, English speaking teachers are one of the jobs with the biggest demand.  As a result, foreign ESL teachers in China can earn a competitive salary in a country where the overall cost of living is quite low.

How to Find a Job in China

Searching for a job in another country isn’t easy.  There’s a lot to consider, and it can be a little overwhelming.  Career China was launched specifically to address this issue, and help make it easier than ever for qualified people from other countries to find jobs in China.  

With a convenient online platform, enables job seekers to search for top jobs in China and apply online.  Creating a profile on enables users to track application progress, as well as enabling our career consultants to match you with jobs that may come available in the future.


Avoid the ESL Scams in China

Sadly because there is such high demand for English teachers in China, the industry has been flooded with unscrupulous companies seeking to take advantage of the situation.  As a result, there are some ESL companies in China that could be considered more of a scam.  In other instances, it may not necessarily be a scam however, some companies may cut corners and not follow all the legal and visa procedures during the hiring process; thus, putting the candidate at potential risk.  

We understand that taking into all these considerations can be quite stressful for an international professional deal with. Career China’s goal is to help the candidate by assisting with the process in a responsible manner so they can rest assured.

Trust One of the Top Education Brands in China

Backed by TAL, one of the top education brands in China, Career China is a strong and stable company who only partners with reputable companies and schools around China.  Further, we help protect foreign workers by partnering with the government to ensure compliance and legitimate business practices.  

Services to Help with a Smooth & Comfortable Transition

From teaching English at a public school, private school, or beyond, our career consultants are here to assist you with finding just the right job to suit your background and interests.  In addition, our team can advise on the application and interview process and help candidates get an offer.  

But our services don’t end after you have signed an offer.

Career China has a dedicated visa team who works closely with the Chinese government to assist with processing your China work visa properly.  Our team will advise you on all the documents needed and guide you through the visa process — making it as easy as possible.  Once you’ve have obtained your visa, we will then help arrange transportation to China and accommodation upon arrival.

Lastly, our team is still available to assist as you with moving to China and as you begin the on-boarding process with your company in China.  From getting started with orientation, advising on apartments, SIM cards for phones, and setting up a bank account, our team is ready and available to ensure a good experience.  Other services from Career China include professional development courses, as well as insurance in while living and working in China. 

Our Goal is to Make it Easy for You to Move to China!

At the end of the day, our mission really comes down to making it easy for qualified candidates to come to China.  Our team guides you through the complete process of finding the right job, getting hired, obtaining your visa, and helping you with a smooth and comfortable transition to your new life.  

After all, moving to a new country can be a little scary.  But that’s what makes it one of the greatest adventures of all.  And with the help of Career China, your new adventure may very well be the best one yet!

Have more questions about moving to China? Check out The Ultimate Guide for Moving to China

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Liz Smith

Liz Smith left the daily grind in the States to travel the world with her husband. Eventually teaching English in China & loving it, she began sharing her experience with others who are interested in embarking on this new adventure!