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Georgina Everington
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Aug 30, 2017

As a part of our ongoing series, today we want to introduce you to one of our Global Talent Acquisition Specialists, Georgina (or George).  Originally from the UK, George was a teacher and a trainer for First Leap in China for numerous years -- and she absolutely adored her kiddos and enjoyed being able to train new teachers as they began their journey teaching in China.  With her passion and knowledge, she is a fantastic resource as a Global Talent Specialist, and she's here to answer your questions and help you as you consider moving to China to teach English as well.  So let's get to know George a bit more...


Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to China?


My name is Georgina (I like to be called George for short) I’m 28 years old. I was born in Akrotiri Cyprus, before my family moved back to the UK where we stayed in Lincolnshire for my whole childhood (RAF Family) I left home at 16 to pursue my dreams in the performing art industry, which I dedicated much of my time too, until recent years where now I dabble in and out of it to keep my fix. I have lived on the road from about the age of 22 travelling around UK & Ireland, I have also lived in Italy, New York, Finland, Egypt, China, and now I am currently living in Hoi An Vietnam, where I have a lovely little dog called Hobo and a Tall blonde fiancé called Dan.


Tell us a little about your experience teaching and living in China?


I lived in China for just over 3 years. Myself and Dan had a pretty hard time in our first 6 months due to the school that hired us, the visas were illegal for what we were doing and the wage was so poor that we were scrimping and scrapping just to get by, After about 4 months we started to look for other jobs, within no time interviews were lining up and we found a job that suited both of our personalities and interests. After looking at the benefits and what they offered it was perfect Working visa, great pay, and accommodation allowance, we signed the contract and never looked back. In the new school we both started off as very passionate hard working teachers before applying for promotions in which we were both lucky enough to receive.


I think the best thing for me about the job was the really young children, 1.5 – 6yrs, I really loved watching them grow, and develop in so many different ways. I did a lot of back ground research into teaching those age groups through play and learn and motor skills so I could really get along with them and try and see life through their eyes.


Describe for us what you think the top reasons / benefits for people to move to China to work, especially as English teachers?


Firstly the pay, you are payed a western wage in a country where the cost of living is much lower. So if you have some saving to do? Want to travel? Planning a wedding? Want to buy a house? Then this is a great place to get saving. In regards to the actual teaching I would compare this to what I see my teaching friends doing at home, You get to follow your love of teaching, you still have your class preparation to do, marking, and parent communication when possible but nearly all of this is given within your working hours. There is no extra paper work, no working on your days off unless organized and agreed to by both parties. Your life is yours to do as you wish and work is for the work place.



What are some of the things you look for in a good candidate for Career China? 


When looking at the initial application, I have to look at the obvious really, Education   background, nationality etc. for visa regulations and requirements. However past all the boring bits I see if anything jumps out from the resume, something they have done in the past? Or have a specialized area in. This way if they are a general application you can start narrowing down things you think you can match for that candidate. Then when it comes to talking with the candidates even via email, I look for passion (maybe they have never worked in this area before it’s something new they want to try) as long as they have passion, determination and belief in themselves I really like that.


 What advice do you have for people when it comes to the application and interview process for one of our jobs?


Advice, Seems silly but do research on china (not just on the main cities but other areas too) Ask yourself why do I want to be in china? What do you want to get out of china? Knowing this will help us a lot. Also like mentioned above if there is something you really enjoy doing any hobbies you have and interests in particular, any random certifications in anything, Let us know in a cover letter the more we know about you the easier it will be to match you to a suitable job role.



Do you have any other tips for people who are considering working in China?


Read blogs (especially women) with types of things you need to look at packing when you come. Don’t bring your whole life with you, come with an open mind and open heart. And the biggest thing of all. If you’re thinking about it. Stop. JUST DO IT!

How can people contact you if they want to apply for a job?

 I have many ways to be contacted. Find me on Twitter, Send me a private message on Facebook or simply send me an email


Final Words...


Don’t forget if you want more information follow Career China on Facebook  & Twitter or find our chat community and join us


I look forward to hearing from you 

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