10 Tips for a Great English Teaching Demo

Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson

Don’t be 60 years old and say… "I could have done that!" Do it now!

 / May 20, 2017

Interviewing for any job can be stressful.  But when it comes to applying for an ESL teaching job, it can be even more so because you will be required to do some sort of demonstration.  And if you are interviewing for an ESL job in another country, you may be required to record a video demo or do it live via Skype.  But don't worry.  With these tips, we hope to help you feel confident and do your best during your ESL teaching demo!

Why Must I Give a Teaching Demo for an ESL Job?

Before we jump into the tips, we need to address this question -- because our recruiters hear it a lot.  For starters, interviewers must be able to see for themselves that you can teach.  We simply cannot only go by your words during the initial ESL interview and your resume.  And just because someone has been a teacher before, it doesn't mean that they are a very good teacher or that they have the right personality we are looking for.

Although a short demonstration (especially online) can't give a perfect example of your ability, it it sufficient for our needs.  The teaching demo gives us a way to see how much energy you have as well as your personality and professionalism.  We can also get a feel for your creativity and passion for the job.  

Lastly, stellar teachers will shine during a teaching demo, even with the restrictions of doing it online.  So while it's not the ideal way to assess a teacher's ability, it's far better than nothing.  

Now, let's move onto our tips for your English teaching demo!

Don't be Nervous and Have Fun With Your English Teaching Demo Lesson!

We know it's easier said than done, but try not to feel nervous.  Everyone needs to do them, and they can actually be fun for those who go into it with the right personality and plenty of preparation.  The lessone should really end up being less than 5 minutes -- and time will really fly by.  So go ahead, show us who you are -- because that's exactly what we want to see from your English teaching demo!

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Josh Wilson

Don’t be 60 years old and say… "I could have done that!" Do it now!