Try The Amazing China Challenge!

Rachel Weiss
Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here:

 / Sep 9, 2018

China is an amazing country with many special customs, foods, traditions, and cultural values - it’s quite unlike anywhere else in the world! Living in China gives you the opportunity to have many exciting, challenging, and outright bizarre experiences. Whether you’re new to China or have lived here several years, there is always something new and crazy to try.


Career China wants to challenge YOU to the Amazing China Challenge. We want you to capture your incredible experiences in China and share them others!


We’ve compiled a list of fun challenges to try here in China. Some challenges focus on food and snacks you should try, while other challenges are about traveling in China and activities you should join.

Here's how to do the Amazing China Challenge:


1. Look at the Career China Instagram Page


Go to the Highlights section on the Career China home page, where we will post new Challenge Lists. We will have different challenge categories related to food, traveling, and daily life in China.

For example, this is the food challenge edition:

2. Go exploring and experience life in China!


The Challenge List is a great way to get some ideas for new things to try in China. Try some new food, join the ladies square dancing at night, sing loudly at KTV – and take lots of photos and videos! Be sure to screenshot the Challenge List and keep it in mind when you are out having fun in China!


 3. Share your photo or video

When you share your photo or video, make sure you follow the Amazing China Challenge Instructions:

- Post the photo or video to your Instagram feed and/or Instastory

- Tag @CareerChina

- Use the hashtag: #AmazingChinaChallenge


Instagram Post Example


Instagram Story Example




4. Check out the other photos and videos posted tagged with #AmazingChinaChallenge


It's important to use the #AmazingChinaChallenge hashtag - this allows all the photos and videos to be easily grouped together for others to find! See what other people are doing around China and get some inspiration for your next challenge. This challenge is all about making memories in China, documenting your experiences, and sharing your experiences with others!

Also, if you share your photo and tag it, you just might be featured on Career China's Instagram! We want to share some of the best, most creative, or funniest moments around China!



 5. Complete Your Next Challenge!


Try to complete as many items on the list as you can! The goal of the #AmazingChinaChallenge is to explore new sides of China, learn more about the culture here, and share how exciting life in China can be. There is no time-limit on the challenge - it will be ongoing, but is starting now!

Everyday is an adventure and gives you the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone! The Amazing China Challenge is a way for you to share your experiences with others who live in China, and also show others who are curious about China what life as a foreigner is like.

Embrace the bizarre and try the Amazing China Challenge! 



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Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here: