8 Places to Visit When Teaching ESL in China

Rachel Weiss
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May 6, 2019

When you live and work in China, you have lots of opportunities to travel and explore new places during your holidays! Many expats living in China share some of their favorite destinations they've traveled to while teaching English in China.

1. Tokyo, Japan

"I traveled to Japan in December 2017. Tokyo is such a cool city. The food is delicious, the people are lovely and very courteous. The bathrooms are WOW (you’ll understand if you’ve been). During the short trip I had the opportunity to dress up as super Mario and drive around the streets of Tokyo for 3 hrs in a go kart, it was unbelievable. To top the trip off my other half said yes to my marriage proposal the next day. The perfect trip in the perfect city!" - Johnny Bingham

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2. Borneo

"I love the city we stay in - Nanjing is beautiful and has endless options of things to do for every individual. For international travel my favorite must be Borneo. The wildlife is remarkable- orangutans and proboscis monkeys in their natural habitat. This is the only place you can see this in the world. The Malaysian people are very friendly and willing to help. It’s warm all year round since it’s situated on just off the equator. Absolutely beautiful and worth while to visit this amazing natural forest . They also have beautiful untouched beaches, the snorkeling is also the best I’ve seen in Asia." - Lily

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3. Langkawi, Malaysia

"I traveled to Malaysia in August 2018 for my birthday. I went to Langkawi island for a week. It was amazing and relaxing. I enjoyed being in Langkawi because it’s an island and I love the beach. I’m a Cali girl, so it was nice to get a tan, enjoy the waves, and have a drink by the beach. In China I mostly travel to a nearby city “Yiwu”. There isn’t much to do there, but I go for the Turkish restaurants and hookah bars." - Regina Solorio

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4. Zhangjiajie and Hangzhou, China

"My favorite travel destination I’ve gone within China has been Zhangjiajie and Hangzhou. In Zhangjiajie the mountains are incredible, but the tea fields in Hangzhou are beautiful and hardly have any people there besides the workers. Out of China, I haven’t done too much traveling but I’m going to Hong Kong and Japan soon and I’m SUPER excited!!" - Cherice Neeley

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5. Hong Kong

"One of my favorite places has to be Hong Kong. The beaches are beautiful, there is always something going on and English is not hard to come by." - Tiffany Bergman

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6. Taiwan

"The best holiday we have done so far is Taiwan. Unfortunately for South Africans it’s quite difficult to get a visa as China does not see Taiwan as a separate country (we had to apply for our visa back in SA). However, after all the hard work, Taiwan paid off. Beautiful scenery and amazing forested walks." - Chris Dobson

7. Qingdao, China

"Been to Qingdao which is a great city with lots to offer especially if you like the beach. It is the sailing city of Asia and have three swimming beaches to go to. It is really beautiful and easy to travel to being only a 1 hour flight from Shanghai." - Helen Harvey

8. All Over Asia - Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Singapore

"I’ve been in China for five years and have been to so many places it’s hard to choose from. I loved Vietnam especially Hoi An for the beach, shopping and chill atmosphere. Japan and South Korea are also fantastic to visit. Lots of things to do and see and some amazing food. I highly recommend Singapore as well, it’s always hot and has lots of cool places to visit like Singapore Zoo, Gardens by the Bay and Sentosa Island. Flights are quite cheap to USA as well. Washington D.C. has some amazing free Smithsonian museums and New York is good for shopping and seeing theater shows. Within China I recommend Chengdu, Shanghai and Xi’an." - Kirsty Collyer

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Traveling in China During Your Holidays

There are so many amazing destinations that you can visit and check off your bucket list while teaching in China! Check out these other places expats have traveled to during their holiday time in China and also learn how to make the most of your time off!

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