10 Best Places to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in China

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Jun 4, 2018

Every year in March and April, it is the season to enjoy cherry blossoms. The transiently splendid Sakura always impress visitors with its beauty. While Sakura in Japan is known to the world, cherry blossom in China is also worth your appreciation.  And in this article, we will introduce 10 best places for you.

1. Yuyuantan Park - Beijing

Yuyuantan Park lies in Haidian District and is not far from CCTV Tower and the China Millennium Monument. Yuyuantan Park is a tourist draw from April through to early May every year as it has beautiful cherry blossoms. There are around 199,500 plants including about 2000 cherry trees of over 20 different species, many of which were gifts from Japan when the two countries re-opened diplomatic ties in the 1970s. Other blossoming trees such as peach are also found, as well as tulip flowers. The park hosts an annual cherry blossom festival in April. The lake is also popular for boating, and it is possible to get a boat from here to the Summer Palace.


Early cherry blossoms: late March, and only 7 days for appreciation.

Late cherry blossoms: From mid-April to late April

Admission: 10 yuan/person during the cherry blossom festival


2. Gucun Park - Shanghai

Gucun Park is the biggest cherry forest in Shanghai, covering 130,000 square meters with nearly 10,000 Sakura trees of 28 varieties. Some of the trees are already 50 years old or even older. The splendid cherry blossom has attracted loads of visitors every year. Gucun Park is also the venue for “Shanghai Cherry Festival”. Have you prepared yourself to join the visual feast?

Time: Mid-March to mid-April

Admission: 20 yuan/person

3. Timing Temple Road - Nanjing

From mid-march to early April, it is the time for Nanjing cherry blossom. The road connecting Jiming temple and the Peace Arch is accompanied by thousands of Sakura trees at its sides. In the season of Cherry blossom, looking up, you will see that the cherry blossom is white like snow, pink like rosy clouds. With the elegant Jiming Temple as a set-off, the cherry blossom road seems to be more charming.

Time:  Mid-March to early April

Admission: Free

4. Wuhan University - Wuhan

Cherry blossom in Wuhan University enjoys a history of more than seventy years, so the school is reputed for the saying that if you are appreciating Sakura in March, there is no better place than Wuhan University. Walking on the roads under the flowering cherry at eventide, you would linger until darkness descends. Moreover, East Lake Cherry Blossom Park, close to the university, grows over 5,000 flowering cherries.

Time:  Mid-March to end of March

Admission:  Free but need to make online reservation through official website

5. Prince Bay Park (Taiziwan Park) - Hangzhou

Prince Bay Park, also known as Taiziwan Park, is a popular venue for wedding ceremonies and a favored exercise spot by visitors staying in downtown Hangzhou. Visit Prince Bay Park in spring to see large areas of the park covered in tulips. A Tulip Festival is held each year in celebration. The cherry and apple trees are also in bloom at this time of the year. Have your camera ready to photograph the blooms!

Time:  Mid-March to mid-April

Admission: Free

6. Nanshan Botanical Garden - Chongqing

Nanshan Botanical Gaden is located in the southeast of the urban area. It is surrounded by the provincial Nanshan scenic area of mountains at the highest elevation of 681 meters. It is a comprehensive park featuring various kinds of woods and flowers. Therefore, Nanshan Park is an ideal place to see the flowers. This year’s Nanshan Cherry blossom Festival started from the late February, and will last till early May.

Time: Late March to April

Admission: 30 yuan/person

7. Sunflower Garden - Guangzhou

It may not be difficult to imagine a world teeming with flowering cherries. In the Sunflower Garden, you would be astonished at 6,000 cherry trees of nearly 10 varieties of Sakura, pink, white, bicolor or the like. Some cherry blossoms will even change their colors as time goes by, pink at the beginning, and then white at their prime time.

Time: March to April

Admission: 160 yuan/person

8 Qingdao Zhingshan Park - Qingdao

Probably Qingdao looks most poetic in April, witnessing a flux of people coming for cherry blossoms. In the Qingdao Zhongshan Park, some 2,000 flowering cherries are welcoming visitors from all over the world. Now not only cherry blossoms, but also any other spring flowers like peach blossoms, yulan and tulips are awaiting you there. You can indulge yourselves in the ocean of the flowers.

Time: Mid-April to mid-May

Admission: Free

9. Qinglong Temple - Xi’an

Xi’an Qinglong Temple is THE place to see Cherry Blossoms, they have over 100 varieties so their ground is covered in white and pink. Qinglong Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty though it’s Cherry Blossom orchards were brought in by the Japanese monk Kukai in 806CE as a gift to commemorate his time as a student at the temple.

Time:  Late March to early April

Admission: 16 yuan/person

10. Tortoise Head Garden (Yuantouzhu Park) - Wuxi

The whitish and dark pink species of cherry blossom both cover the park of Tortoise Head Garden, which creates some amazing photographic opportunities. Wuxi is rather famous within China for its parks and flowers, with the Tortoise Head Garden also being a popular area for both local and foreign tourists.

Time: Mid-March to Mid-April

Admission:  105 yuan/person

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