Brooke's Amazing China Challenge List

Rachel Weiss
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Aug 28, 2019

China has some of the most incredible foods, traditions, and travel destinations, as well as some fun cultural differences that are unlike anything you experienced at home!

We created the Amazing China Challenge to help you check off items on your China Bucket List and give you some ideas for funny, bizarre, and incredible experiences to try here in China.

Brooke's Amazing China Challenges

Brooke is a First Leap teacher living in Nanjing who has lived in China for 4 months. In that time she has completed many of these challenges and shared them with us! Check out her Amazing China Challenge Instagram Story Takeover here.

Share Your Amazing China Challenge Experiences

To see all the Amazing China Challenge Lists, check them out here or go to our Instagram Highlights. Share your amazing China experiences with us by tagging #AmazingChinaChallenge and tagging @careerchina.

An example Amazing China Challenge list:

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