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Rachel Weiss
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Feb 18, 2019

What is a day in the life of an expat in China like?

Expats from cities all around China have taken over the Career China Instagram to share their stories and experiences living here. Whether they are going to work, shopping in a market, traveling during their holiday, or exploring their Chinese city, you’ll get a first-hand glimpse into their daily life and get a closer look at what it’s really like living in China through the videos and photos they share.

Check out the Career China Instagram Story Takeovers:

Brandon: Beijing, China

Meet Brandon, a First Leap teacher in Beijing. Brandon takes you through a day in his life in China, from leaving his apartment and going to the supermarket, to touring his First Leap School and teaching a class. Watch Brandon's Story Takeover here.


 Charne Spies: Guilin, China

Charne is a First Leap teacher who lives in Nanjing but traveled to the beautiful city of Guilin during her holiday time off. See her adventures exploring the city and staying at a homestay here.

Tori Lee: Beijing, China

While she was in Beijing for her First Leap China training she visited the Forbidden City and other famous sites in Beijing! Watch her Instagram Story Takeover here.

Ryan Rubi: Shenzhen, China

 Ryan lives in China and has lots of fun working as an English teacher AND an actor in Shenzhen! 🌎🎥Watch Ryan's Instagram Story Takeover here and see what a day in his life filming in the green screen room is like.

*Also watch Ryan's Tips on Being a Vegetarian in China

Courntey Argudo: Nanjing, China

Courtney is a teacher living in Nanjing, China. On her day off work she takes the high speed train with several friends to visit the famous Grand Buddha in the city of Wuxi! Check out her Instagram Story Takeover here.

Chaz Robinson: Foshan, China

Did you know lots of students in China are learning to play American Football? Meet Chaz, a coach at Skyway American Football Academy, and see what his day is like on and off the football field! Watch his Takeover here.

Learn more about American Football in China and how you can become a coach here!

Kristen Hollister: Harbin, China

Kristen Hollister teaches in Beijing and shares her adventures traveling to see the Ice Festival in Harbin, China. Watch her Instagram Takeover here.

Mart Mari: Beijing, China

Mart is a teacher living in Beijing who likes to explore the city during her time off! Watch her Instagram Story Takeover to see what she does during the weekend in Beijing.


Lily Lindstrom: Nanjing, China

Chinese New Year is a special time when lots of ESL teachers celebrate with their schools. Lily, an English teacher in Nanjing,took over the Career China Instagram Stories to show you how her school celebrated the Spring Festival.

Sam Mascotti: Nanjing, China

Sam works as the National Operations Supervisor at First Leap China. During her weekend she took the high-speed train from Beijing to Nanjing and explored the city. Check out her Instagram Takeover here.  

Ashleigh Silk: Nanjing, China

Did you know there are Walmarts in China? Join Ashleigh, an English teacher in Nanjing, as she explores a Chinese Walmart and goes shopping. Watch her Instagram Story Takeover here.

Amelia White: Chongqing, China

Meet Amelia, an ESL teacher living in Chongqing! Check out her Instagram Story Takeover and see what she does on her day off when exploring Chongqing 😁

*Also watch Amelia explore her city of Chonqing with Poppy from Where's Poppy

Lydia Niesen: Nanjing, China


Meet Lydia an English teacher in Nanjing, China! Check out her Instagram Story Takeover to see what a typical day in Nanjing is like.

Kassie Christopherson: Nanjing, China

Kassie is a teacher living in Nanjing, China. On her day off she visits some famous sites in Nanjing and tries popular Chinese street food! Watch her Instagram Takeover here.

Live and Work in China

If you're not following Career China on Instagram, you're missing out! See more of what expats are doing in China and learn more about how you can start your adventure in China, too. We'll be posting more Instagram Story Takeovers in the future so stay tuned! And if you ever miss a takeover, you can see all of our expat takeovers in our Instagram Highlights.

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