Dedication to Education - Career China's Affiliation with TAL & the Global Education Summit 2017 (GES)

Liz Smith
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Mar 7, 2018

Career China is dedicated to transforming the lives of educators who wish to work abroad in China by connecting them with reputable schools looking to hire from overseas.  With a passion for the education industry, many of the companies we work with offer innovative programs with jobs teaching English in China, counseling, curriculum research & development, as well as leadership and management positions.  

Supported by TAL Education Group - a Leader in Education in China

With our dedication to quality school partnerships, Career China's leadership and business development team routinely meet with domestic and international leaders in the education industry. Further, the ability to make strong connections with leaders in the industry is enhanced through our affiliation with TAL Education Group, Career China’s parent company.

TAL Education Group is one of the top education brands in all of China.  It’s strong reputation for education and technology combined with their association with numerous industry organizations around the world, enables Career China to be an integral part of this important global community and access to resources that are not available to other employment agencies in China.

TAL Hosts the Global Education Summit in Beijing 2017

Once such example of this is the Global Education Summit of 2017, held in Beijing and hosted by organizations that include TAL Education Group.  Bringing together 300+ of the top educators and technology innovators from around the world, this summit is an opportunity to build relationships and gain knowledge which can improve opportunities for teaching related jobs in China.  

Speakers at this year’s event include the president of Arizona State University, a key partner in this event, as well as representatives from Stanford and other well-known higher education institutions.  Further, state and other government officials will be in attendance from China as well as other countries around the world.  

Strong Relationships = Best Jobs & Support Services for International Teachers in China

It is through these partnerships and the strength of Career China’s relationship with TAL that we are able to offer quality education jobs to international candidates in China.  It also enables Career China to provide helpful support services that ease the transition for professionals relocating to China, including Chinese visa services

Career China's Dedication to Education in China, and Globally

Career China strives to be an integral member of the international education community, and we are proud to be in a position to connect overseas talent with a growing education market in China.  

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