Taking Your Chinese Visa Photo: Do's and Don'ts!

Rachel Weiss
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Aug 19, 2018

After you've made the decision to come to China, there are many important steps to complete before you can begin your adventure abroad!

One of the most important steps is taking your Chinese Visa photo. While not overly complicated to do, you will need to follow specific rules to make sure your Chinese visa photo is in the correct format and can be accepted with your application. If your photo does not follow the requirements, your application will be rejected and will cause other problems in the future with your visa.

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Here are some important requirements and tips to follow when taking your Chinese Visa photo.

General Chinese Visa Photo Requirements

Size: 33mm width and 48mm

Color: The color should be RGB 24 bit true color and reflect the true skin tone.

Head Position: The head width should be between 15 mm and 22 mm, measured from the base of the chin to the top of the head.

Background: Solid white

Clothes: Make sure your clothing does not match the background

Other Chinese Visa Do's and Don'ts


  • Face the camera directly with your entire head and face visible
  • Have a neutral facial expression
  • The photo should be recent, taken in the last 6 months
  • Check the photo attached below of good and bad visa photos!


  • Take a casual selfie! It's very important for the photo to be high quality and professional. You don't need glamour shots done, but your photo needs to be serious – you'll have the chance to take plenty of fun selfies in China!
  • Wear sunglasses, jewelry, or other distracting objects
  • Have shadows across your face or in the background
  • Submit a damaged or smeared photo
  • Have red eye
  • Open your mouth or close your eyes
  • No head gear unless for religious purposes

One of the easiest ways to make sure these Chinese Visa Photo Requirements are met is to get your photo taken by a photography service (like Walgreens) or use an online tool. These services will help make sure your photo is in the correct format.

The Chinese Visa process can be a little lengthy, but following these requirements and tips will make the Chinese visa process much smoother and ensure that your application will be accepted! For more information, check out the Chinese Embassy website here.


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