Teaching English in China as a Football Coach

Rachel Weiss
Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here: www.rachelmeetschina.com

 / Mar 5, 2019

The American game of football has recently been growing in popularity in China, with more parents wanting their children to learn the game starting from a young age. To meet this growing demand, there are many new football academies and leagues being started in China, with both young students and adults signing up to take part.

Learn more about the American Football International in China.

One of the many reasons Chinese parents want their children to play American football is not only to learn sportsmanship and grow as an athlete, but also to learn English. Many football academies hire expats specifically to coach football and also teach English to students while they play football. This allows the students become even more immersed into the game and American culture.

Meet Chaz, a football coach at Skyway American Football Academy in Foshan, China.  

“It's very important here at Skyway that the kids not only learn football, but also that we teach them English terminology and fundamentals as well,” Chaz says. “This is part of the process of integrating the cultures of China and American football.”

Chaz shares what a day in his life as an American Football coach in China is like, both on and off the field. Watch his Instagram Story Takeover to see more about preparing for practices, meeting with local coaches, and practicing drills with students.

Skyway Youth American Football Academy is one of the most outstanding football academies in China, with 12 academies throughout many Chinese cities. Check it out!

Do You Want To Coach American Football?

If you have played American football or have knowledge of the game and would like to become a coach, there are many opportunities available! As a coach you'll have the chance to prepare and execute a training plan for Football practices with local Chinese coaches, and also coach weekly classes with activities and drills designed to help the students understand American Football.

To learn more about coaching at Skyway, see our available positions and apply today!

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Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here: www.rachelmeetschina.com