Jill's First Month in China

Rachel Weiss
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Sep 16, 2019

China has some of the most incredible foods, traditions, and travel destinations, as well as some fun cultural differences that are unlike anything you experienced at home!

We created the Amazing China Challenge to help you check off items on your China Bucket List and give you some ideas for funny, bizarre, and incredible experiences to try here in China.

Jill is a new First Leap teacher from Las Vegas, USA who moved to China in August 2019. After living here just one month, she has been able to cross several things off her Amazing China Challenge list so far! Check out some of the cool things she’s done.

Watch Jill's #AmazingChinaChallenge Instagram Takeover.

What made you decide to move to China?

I have taught abroad before I missed the opportunities to travel, make a ton of friends, and teach students who are so excited to learn. I also wanted to be able to save money!

What is one of the most interesting/strangest things you’ve tried in China?

I did an amazing race scavenger hunt in all Chinese (I still don’t speak any Chinese yet) and had a blast following along and doing weird challenges.

One of your favorite experiences in China so far?

Exploring Beijing with some of my best friends. We did some really famous places like the summer palace and then a little more obscure places like the 798 art district. One of our favorite things was going to the Friends cafe that looked just like central perk. We even played fooseball in Joey and Chandler’s apartment!

What are you looking forward to seeing/trying in China in the future?  

I have a long list of places I can’t wait to travel to. I’m looking forward to seeing the pandas, going to the avatar mountains, and the Harbin Ice Festival mostly!

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