Make Them Laugh When Reading Your WeChat Moments

Fortune Cookie
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Jul 12, 2018

I'm a loser...

Previously, I was short because I never ate meat. Later, I ate meat










Now I’m short and fat.

Only if you try your best to do anything










There is nothing you can't screw up.

I want to say 5 points in regard to weight-loss











When you think you are good-for-nothing, don’t give up hope









At least your judgement is right.

I hate school!!!

Why do you always feel sleepy in class?










Because school is the place where dream begins.

 Forever Alone 

Finally finished my single life in thefirst half of the year









Now the second half starts.

I picked up the magic lamp, wishing Icould find a girlfriend before dying








Then I was granted eternal life

 Feel So Good about Oneself

What dose it feel like to fall in love with the hottest man?









Ask for my girlfriend

I hate strangers asking that where I’m going to go, I always say none of your business









And then I’m told to get out of the taxi

I prefer to talk with beautiful guy









No wonder I always talk to myself

The opposite of ugly is











Only when you’re alive will somethinggood happen








to others

I want to have a travel with my girlfriend, I hope you can recommend









a girlfriend to me

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