8 Places to Travel Over the National Holiday

Rachel Weiss
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Oct 8, 2019

China just celebrated it's National Holiday, one of the biggest holidays of the year. For Chinese people, this means visiting family and and celebrating the founding of the People's Republic of China. For ESL teachers in China, this means a week off for traveling!

Check out where these teachers went for their National Holiday using our #MyStoryInChina hashtag!

1. Huangshan (The Yellow Mountains): Jill Sabol

"The Yellow Mountains are stunning! I took a night train to Huangshan and then caught a bus right outside the terminal to head to the yellow mountain tourist center. We chose to explore the front mountain area. You can take the Yuping cable car up (90 rmb) or trek up the stairs for about 2 and a half hours. From here you can hike to lotus peak and hundred ladders. We took the stairs back down to the bus and it hurt to walk for two days after, but the views were worth it! Plan ahead of time so you can stay in a hotel on the mountain, I can only imagine how beautiful that sunrise would be! Who is ready to add the Yellow Mountains to their must see list?"

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2. Inner Mongolia: Andrea Roth

"So far, this is one of the best trips I’ve ever taken! At first sight it might not look like a special place - large steppes, horses and a couple of yurts somewhere in nowhere... BUT this place is so rich in history and culture! Just imagine, this is where the Mongolian invasion started. Under the command of Genghis Kahn who conquered land which stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the shores of the Persian Gulf, the largest empire in history! Reminding oneself of this, being in a “lonely steppe” turns into a totally different feeling!"

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3. Longjing, China: Kessy Kegan

"5D Glass experience! Overcame my fear of heights 😂"

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4. Cambodia: Amelia Abigail

"Cambodia has been on my bucket list for such a long time."

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5. Qingdao, China: Seth and Lorin Baker

"I'm liking this world travel thing 🤗"

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6. Amsterdam: Paige Buns

"Amsterdam you are a vision 😍"

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7. Yangzhou, China: Lydia Niesen

"My friend Polly invited me to her hometown to meet her family. This is her grandma and I am the first foreigner she has ever met. She made this delicious lunch for us! 😍👵"

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8. Zhangye National Park: Quentin

"Colorful mountains on the path of Marco Polo 🌈⛰👣"

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