How To Pay Your Bills With Wechat

Rachel Weiss
Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here:

 / Jun 26, 2019

Wechat is one of the most useful apps in China - you'll use it for everything here, from chatting with friends, calling a taxi, paying for food, or even adding money to your phone account.

If you want to use Wechat to pay your utility bills and add money to your cell phone (called "Mobile Top Up" in Wechat), the first step you need to do is make sure your Wechat Wallet is connected to your bank card.

All done? Great! Here's how you can pay for things using Wechat.

Paying Utilities

You can pay bills for your electricity, water, heat and cell phone through WeChat. You might need help from someone who can read Chinese characters to access this function:

Go to Wechat pay> Utilities>Payment, and you'll be able to select from a wide range of bill types, If it's your first time paying a bill on WeChat, you'll need to first select your city, and then enter in other details such as the company you're paying and your account number (all of which you can find on your most recent bill). Some companies also let you scan a code to automatically enter in account details. Let’s pay an electricity bill for example:

Using Mobile Top Up

Tap "Me" and then tap "Wechat Pay"

Tap "Mobile Top Up"

Enter Your Phone Number Select the amount of money you want to add

Enter your Password and Pay

You will receive a confirmation message on Wechat after you pay. Wait a few moments for the transaction to complete. You may need to restart your phone (or turn airplane mode "on" then "off") for your phone to reset and accept the added money.

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Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here: