ESL Teachers Share 8 Places to Visit in Baoding

Rachel Weiss
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May 11, 2020

Baoding is a city situated in central Hebei province of China. The beautiful city is around 150 kilometers from the national capital, Beijing. Several English teachers living in Baoding share some of their favorite places to go in their city.

Baoding Teachers: Pieter van Ellewee, Kenneth Lesenyeho, Damian Setien, Kierra Irvin, Chase Pitman, Livanyaa Reddy, Khalid (Kal) Cassim, Ahmed Maiter

1. Stone Mountain Park (Baishi Mountain)

Recommended By Pieter van Ellewee


The Baishi mountain, also known as Baishishan, is a part of Taihang mountains. The mountain with the highest pick of 2,096 meters is a hotspot for visitors because of its spectacular glass walks and cliff walks. It's an exhilarating experience to go to the stone mountain park via expressway or shuttle. The park has different shaped stones, such as Jiangtaigong fishing, dolphin out of the water, and Bajie and his wife that forge the scenic spot a fusion of love, culture, and nature. Visitors can enjoy the amazing views of nature, including the path surrounded by clouds when the clouds are high

2. Tunnel Warfare

Recommended by Pieter van Ellewee and Ahmed Maiter

This tunnel is worth visiting because of its contribution to the Sino-Japan war. The tunnels were built by farmers of the city to help Chinese soldiers during the war to hide and live in. The tunnel is decorated in such a way that it reflects the history very clearly.The decoration of the tunnel also includes a systematic approach to guide visitors - arrows on the wall show the right direction to go. The street market present in the area also attracts visitors as they sell a variety of things, including war style souvenirs. People can also take photos with the war vehicles present in the street to have a memory of the tunnel warfare experience. The place shares its history and the market gives enjoyment, so it is a great place to visit in Baoding.

3. Green Valley Amusement Park

Recommended by Chase Pittman

Green Valley is the first amusement park I have visited in China. We all went as a “team-building” activity for work. Before you enter, there are a couple of restaurants. In case you are not a fan of Chinese food, BOOM, they have a KFC right outside the park. I could not help but be surprised that there was an amusement park in Baoding, which is a smaller city - a wonderful city, I must mention.


First thing when you walk into the park, there are many minion statues to greet you (One of which is holding a banana, and after working with First Leap I could not help myself and had to perform the letter chant for the letter “B”). Once I entered, I saw so many nostalgic rides; rides that I remember riding as a kid back home. The ride I rode over and over again was none other than the swinging pirate ship that I was too afraid to ride as a kid... Oh, how much fun I missed out on as a kid! You can also enjoy bumper cars and an interesting ride in which you are not strapped in and it throws you around like a rag-doll - all the while, there are at least ten other folks trying just as hard as you, to not be thrown into someone else.

There are many other rides that you can enjoy at Green Valley, but this article would be another page long worth of descriptions! In addition to the rides, there is also an entire section dedicated to water. While water parks are not my cup of tea, I must say that it looked like fun and for a small city amusement park, I was quite surprised to see a huge wave pool. Their water park also has a large dedicated shower, changing, and locker room for the guests to enjoy - a wonderful extra touch.

4. Baoding Zoo

Recommended by Kenneth Lesenyeho

Before coming to China one of my biggest dreams was to see a panda bear, so you can imagine how excited I was coming to China.

After moving to Baoding, a friend and I from work were having lunch with her friend and we somehow started talking about pandas. Her friend told us that Baoding had a zoo with four pandas. I was so surprised because I talk about pandas almost every day at work and no one said anything about a Baoding Zoo or pandas. The friend then suggested we go together the next week. I was so excited; I was finally going to see my spirit animal. Yes, that is my spirit animal. Fat, lazy, clumsy, and adorable. How does that not sound like me?

So, the following week on a Friday, we drove to the Zoo, which was about thirty minutes outside of Baoding. The zoo was quite small, but you could tell that they took good care of the animals’ enclosures, which were spacious and clean. We started with the pandas because well…. duh…..

The zoo has four pandas. At that moment, two pandas were in the indoor enclosures and the other two were on the outside enclosures. The indoor enclosures were amazing! Everything was so fancy and shiny. Even the floor on the outside of the glass enclosure was fancy looking wood, and the pandas had a lot of space with nice swings, rocks, and trees. They were living the life. The one massive panda was asleep but even a sleeping panda was amazing. Another panda was walking around and tapping on the door because it wanted more snacks. I was like “Well look at you are demanding snacks, you royal panda”. This was awesome though; Inside I was screaming like a little child. It was like seeing Toy Story for the first time. Trust we took a million photos.

After that we went outside to see the other pandas, and they were active compared to other two. The zookeeper gave them snacks to eat and pandas just grabbed the food and played on their backs while eating. I laughed thinking that is how I eat my snacks at home. It was an incredibly fun and amazing experience seeing pandas for the first time.

We then saw tiger cubs, squirrel monkeys and that random baboon that was in the same cage. Were able to feed them some vegetables and they seemed to enjoy it a lot. We also saw some black bears, but all six were asleep - I could not BEAR to wait any longer for them to wake up.

While walking away from the bear enclosure, I got shock of my like and a saw a massive Siberian tiger! It was the most powerful thing I have ever seen. Its head was the size of my fat stomach, its paws were the size of my head. If it slapped me, it would be all over!! I knew they had tigers, but I did not expect a Siberian tiger!

I did not get to see all the animals due to time, but it was an amazing experience and I would go back there again. I would highly recommend it to anyone that loves animals. It is very interactive and educational, and it will honestly put the biggest smile on your face.



5. Botanical Gardens

Recommended by Damian Setien

The Botanical Garden is a big park full of flowers of all colours and arranged in a decorative way. Its best enjoyed during spring and summer, but I went in Fall and it was still gorgeous.

It has a few interesting structures and even a small young forest. The trees are as tall as a person, but they should grow taller as the years pass by. It is the perfect place to go take a walk for when the sky is blue and the day clear.

I was doing a marketing activity for First Leap and saw it for a few hours. It was only a small part of it and yet, it left a long-lasting impression on me. I wish to comeback this Spring with my girlfriend.

6. "Hebei University of Agriculture" (HUA)

Recommended by Kierra Irvin

HUA is a beautiful university. The campus is huge, filled with vibrancy and full of life. Even as a visitor, I was able to tour the food court, some classrooms, some shops, and many other school buildings. The food was delicious. I had fried rice with shrimp. The students of HUA have so many delicious choices.

My highlight was the walking path near a glistening pond. I also enjoyed visiting the library and watching the choir practice outside in preparation for the "National Holiday" (PROC 75th anniversary). The walking path is so beautiful. There were lots of colorful flowers, a small pond filled with large lily pads, and several stones with Chinese sayings. It is very picturesque. I enjoyed the library because there were several books available in English. Their cataloging system was like the "card catalog" system we use in America. It made for a wonderful experience. I sat down near a window, with a perfect view of the campus, while reading Shakespeare. It was a delight. The choir was amazing, and huge. The students sung with such passion about "Mother China". It was wonderful!



7. "Hua Chuang Guang Chang" – Kierra Irvin

There is an amazing gaming center in China called "Hua Chuang Guang Chang". In this center, you can find archery, bowling, laser tag, virtual reality, a haunted house, basketball, Just Dance and a variety of simulated games, and arcade games.

The people who work there are professional and skilled at their jobs. During my archery lesson, I was constantly given tips on how to stand, how to hold the bow and place the arrow. I never knew the tension on the bow was so tight. There was a time when my hand was shaking, while pulling the string on the bow. I also had trouble balancing my arrow on the bow. It was a workout, yet so much fun. 😀

My highlight was the virtual reality game. You enter this dark room, put on googles, sit in a roller coaster cart. A door opens and the cart moves forward, as if you are going on a roller coaster ride. A bright light appears - and you will just have to see it for yourself. Trust me! I would encourage anyone visiting Baoding to check out this center. It is a must do.

8. Wanbo Plaza

Recommended by Livanyaa Reddy, Khalid (Kal) Cassim

Wanbo Plaza is a huge shopping mall in Baoding. It is a short distance away and central to most areas in Baoding. It is beautifully decorated with lights and other stunning features. There is always a hustle and bustle in the shopping mall - it's full of people and a great lively atmosphere. Occasionally outside the mall you will see some filming of advertisements. I have seen a fashion shoot and a music video being filmed.

When you enter the mall, you can find some shops such as Sephora, H&M, Walmart etc. Walmart is great for monthly shopping, walking to Walmart you will be able to find tons of small boutiques selling clothing, accessories, shoe’s and basically everything you would want and need!

Watsons is also situated in Wanbo, it is an awesome place to find mostly foreign items from chocolates to cosmetics, electricals, and medication. You can find delicious Chinese and foreign cuisine, restaurants include pizza hut, Starbucks, KFC, Dairy Queen. You will be able to find a wide variety of food and deserts from foreign food to authentic Chinese food, all of which are delicious. The scenery is beautiful which makes for an awesome shopping experience or just a great time out.

Teach and Travel in Baoding

The beautiful city of Baoding has an amazing natural view and it shares a war background that is worth visiting.

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