Top 10 Reasons You Should Teach English Abroad in China in 2020

Rachel Weiss
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Mar 16, 2020

If you’re deciding where to teach English abroad, China should be at the top of your list! Whether you’re looking for career growth, a great salary, the opportunity to travel more, or the chance to live and work abroad in an exciting and diverse culture, there are many benefits to looking for TEFL jobs in China.

Here are 10 of the top reasons you should teach English abroad in China in 2020.

1. Great Salary and Low Cost of Living

Due to the high demand for ESL teachers in China, the salary and benefits for English teachers is excellent! Many Chinese schools offer very attractive and competitive salary packages, which might include insurance, housing, paid vacations, airfare reimbursement and much more. Learn more about the average salary for English teachers in China.

China also has a lower cost of living than many other countries, making it a great choice for people looking to save money, pay off student loans, and travel more. Public Transportation is readily available in most cities, with many options for high speed trains, buses, metro systems, bikes, and taxis. Check out more about the expat cost of living in China, including the cost of transportation, dining out, renting an apartment, and more.

2. Immerse Yourself in a Rich and Ancient Culture

China has a long history spanning more than 5,000 years! While living and working in China, you’ll have the chance to explore China’s rich culture, from seeing historical sites like the Great Wall, learning about ancient practices like Taiji, and also trying traditional Chinese practices like cupping.  You’ll also be able to learn more about Chinese dining habits, special customs during holidays in China, and interesting traditions.

There is so much to dive into! Check out this list of 7 Popular Chinese Activities You Must Try.

3. Meet New Friends and Network

One of the best things about teaching English in China? You’re not alone! You’re going to meet so many other expats who are also living in China, including teachers working at your school and other expats living and working in your city. There’s a big opportunity to connect with people from countries all around the world and bond over shared experiences in China, from exploring your city, trying to new foods and even late nights at KTV.  

You’ll also meet some of the friendliest and most hospitable Chinese people! When teaching English in China, you’ll most likely have a TA (teaching assistant) and Chinese advisors to help with any questions you have about your classes and Chinese culture. It’s always great to make Chinese friends outside the classroom as well and share all about your different countries and traditions!

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4. Travel Opportunities

When you teach English in China, you will have incredible travel opportunities. Not only will you have many holidays during the school year, such as the National Holiday, Tomb Sweeping Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, you’ll also have extended time during Chinese New Year and summer holidays. This allows for plenty of time to explore parts of China you haven’t seen! You can hike the famous Avatar Mountains in Zhangjiajie, bike around the beautiful karst landscape in Yangshuo, or see China’s beloved pandas in Chengdu.

If you’re not sure where to go in China, check out our Amazing China Challenge list for ideas!

When you teach in China, you also have easy access to travel around Asia – you can jet off to South Korea, Japan, or Thailand during a long weekend and plan backpacking trips around Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Many English teachers even venture Australia for some outback adventures or head to Bali for relaxing beach getaways.

Check out these 8 Awesome Travel Destinations to Visit in Asia While Teaching English in China.

5. New Skills and Career Growth

Teaching English abroad is not only an enjoyable experience where you can travel and earn money - but you’ll also gain transferable skills that are beneficial for any future career!

Teaching English will help you improve your public speaking, leadership, international communication, problem solving, flexibility, and time management skills, and ability to adapt – but you’ll also gain transferable skills that are beneficial for any future career! Teaching English will help you improve your public speaking, leadership, international communication, problem solving, flexibility, and time management skills, and ability to adapt. You’ll definitely be able to add these experiences to your resume. In fact, according to TIME Magazine, working abroad will make you smarter and more professionally successful.

6. Chinese Food is Bomb!

China’s traditional dishes are way more diverse than the takeout you’re used to back home! China has 8 famous kinds of cuisines, each offering standout flavors you may have never tried before. You have to try the famous spicy Sichuan hotpot, the sweet Guangdong dimsum, a chuan’r (lamb skewer) from a Beijing street stall, and the xiaolongbao (soup dumpling) from Shanghai – and that’s just to start! To really explore all the diverse cuisines when you’re an English teacher in China, ask a Chinese friend to recommend their favorite dishes from their hometown, or explore one of the many local shops near your apartment!

7. Learn One of the World’s Most Used Languages

Nearly 1.2 billion people speak Mandarin, making it one of the most commonly spoken languages on the planet. Learning Mandarin is a great opportunity to learn a popular language and also help your daily life while you teach English in China!

If you’re not planning to live in China long-term, there are still many benefits to learning the language! Mandarin is not only spoken in China, but also in Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and many other countries. You’ll open your future to many career and travel opportunities by being able to speak Chinese.

Start by learning these 8 Useful Chinese Phrases to Know When Moving to China with Elementary Chinese.

8. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Moving to China can be a big transition – you’re moving away from home, from family and friends, and your usual routine. But when you teach English abroad in China, you also have an incredible opportunity to leave your comfort zone and try something completely different. There are many benefits to living abroad at least once in your life; You’re going to face challenges while adapting to a new culture, but you’re also going to broaden your world view in so many exciting ways. Say yes and take advantage of the chance to try new things while you live in a new country and teach English in China.

9. Your Students Will Amaze You

As an English teacher in China, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your students. Whether it’s your first time teaching or you have previous experience, you’ll soon find these Chinese students will capture a special place in your heart. Day by day you’ll learn all about your students - what helps them learn better, what makes them laugh, what is special to them in their own country. It’s such a unique and rewarding experience to watch them learn and grow everyday, and they will greatly enrich and impact your experience in China no matter what age they are.

10. Work/Travel/Life Balance

Ultimately, when you teach English abroad you will have a work, life, and travel balance that you can’t find at other jobs!

Outside of teaching hours, you’ll have plenty of time to explore your own city and have time to travel on weekends and long holidays. Many English teachers in China also find it easy to make time for other activities and hobbies, like going to the gym, seeing friends, taking Chinese lessons, or joining a sports team. Most cities in China will allow you to have a lifestyle similar to one back home – you can still go to the cinema, visit parks and go hiking, hang out with friends, and go to the pub. You just happen to be doing all that while living in a different country!

Teach English Abroad in China

Teaching English in China is a great step to take if you want to start a new adventure! No matter if you want to travel abroad, grow your career, or have the chance to impact students’ lives, teaching in China is a great step forward to do that.

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