What To Know About the Visa Process for China

Rachel Weiss
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Oct 13, 2019
china visa process

When planning to move to China there are many steps to complete, from interviewing and accepting a job to collecting the correct documents for the visa application. The entire process for getting a Chinese visa can be a bit confusing, so here is some information that will help clear the process up.

1. Pass 1st Interview


After you have passed your 1st interview with your Career China Recruiter, you will sign the Career China Service Agreement. This service agreement outline what Career China will help with, from the visa application to relocation assistance. 

2. Submit Documents to Your Recruiter

These are the necessary documents needed to apply for a work visa in China. It’s important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure the documents are prepared carefully and your visa process isn’t delayed. These documents are needed because they prove that you are 100% eligible for a work visa in China. If you have trouble with the documents, ask us for an example of what you need to provide.

You will need to submit:

  • Passport color scan copy 
  • Degree color scan copy
  • Degree transcript colour scan copy
  • TEFL if applicable

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3. Move to the Career China Visa Specialist Team


After you submit these first documents to your recruiter, you will be assigned a Visa Case Manager who will take you through the Visa process step by step. They are visa specialists who know the process well. You will still be in contact with your recruiter, but your Visa Case Manager will be handling these documents now.

Documents you will submit to your Visa Case Manager:

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After the Visa team collect all of your documents, they will check the Chinese city regulations on which documents are accepted where. All cities vary, so there may be some cities where your Reference letter is not accepted over a TEFL or if your name is different on certain documents the city will not accept a Name Affidavit etc. In this case we will provide you afterwards with a school that is suitable to your preferences and suitable for your Visa documents.


4. Be Matched with a School and Sign A Job Offer


After your visa documents are submitted and approved, you will be matched with a acceptable school in China and be sent a job offer to sign.


5. Finish Your Visa process

After you have signed an offer with a school, you will send in your documents to be authenticated according to Chinese visa policy. Your visa case manager will assist with the rest of the work visa process.

Next You will Submit:

  • Document authentication (around 25 days)
  • Work Permit Notification (around 20 – 30 days)
  • Visa application: sending documents and passport in for the visa application. This takes around 7 working days, but varies depending on location and the time of year.

*The timelines given are just estimations. Due to holidays in the year or the Government Bureau we need to work with, these timelines may change. Please talk with your Visa Case Manager for more information.

6. Book Your Flight

Once all your documents are authenticated and you’ve received your working visa in your passport, the Career China team will book your flight to China and send you the flight information.

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7. Arrive In China

You’ve done it! While a somewhat lengthy process, the Career China team is here to help you with every step of the visa process.

Check out this video all about overcoming China's Visa Process:


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