Amazing Summer Holiday Travel Destinations for ESL Teachers in China

Rachel Weiss
Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here:

 / Aug 28, 2019

It’s summer time, which means it’s time to step outside of the classroom and travel some place new! ESL teachers in China take this opportunity to leave their Chinese city and have a new adventure.

Not sure where to travel for your summer holiday break? Take a look at where some of our current teachers living in China traveled on their summer holiday! These teachers went all over the world during their summer holiday, from hiking volcanoes in Indonesia and eating pho in Vietnam to relaxing on beaches in Malaysia and trekking to Mount Everest.

Awesome Summer Holiday Travel Destinations

1. Vietnam – Samantha Mascotti

"I went to Vietnam during the summer holiday. I chose Vietnam because it was my last country for me to visit in Southeast Asia. My favorite part about visiting Vietnam was taking an overnight cruise in Halong Bay. I stayed in Vietnam for two weeks. I would have liked to stay a few more days to visit Sapa. In the two weeks I went to five different cities."

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2. Tibet to Nepal – Lydia Nieson

"I did a roadtrip from Lhasa Tibet to Kathmandu Nepal. I chose this place because I'd always wanted to see Tibet and roadtripping meant I got to see so much more. Seeing Mt Everest was the highlight I'd the trip. We stayed the night at 5200m near Base Camp so we could be close and see Everest in person. The whole tour was 6 days. I think it was enough time. Since it was organized through a company the highlights were hit and the trip was more streamlined than self planning. There was several days in Lhasa at the beginning to see the sights there then 4 days on the road. On the road I saw mountains, glaciers, lakes, and daily life in Tibet."

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3. Bali, Indonesia – Lily Rossouw and Chris

"We went to Ubud. We have never been before and have only heard great things about it. Our favorite part was the Jatiluwih rice terraces. It’s a world UNESCO heritage site and about 1 hour’s drive from Ubud. It’s exactly what you expected when you think about Bali and rice terraces. It definitely did not disappoint and we would recommend you take the drive to see it. We only spent a few hours there, although you can spend longer/ shorter there. There are very many tracks going through the terraces from 2km to 10 km. We also went to Mount Kelimutu, which is a volcanic mountain. On the top of it are three lakes and they all have different colors. You wake up early and start the 1 hour walk to the top just in time for sunrise."

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4. Regina Solorio - Malaysia

"I went to Langkawi, Malaysia for my summer holiday/birthday. I chose this place because I was there 2 years ago and enjoyed every moment & I want to enjoy myself again. :) My favorite part of this trip was being on an island and enjoying my vacation time. I went jet-skiing, parasailing, went to a 3D art museum, went on a boat ride, and a boat tour of nearby islands. So fun! I'm stayed there for a week this time, last time I went to Langkawi I only stayed for 3 days, it wasn't enough time."

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5. Australia - Charne Spies

From the Great Ocean Road to meeting some of Australia's native animals, Charne had quite the outback adventure!

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6. Bali, Indonesia - Carmen Moolman

"Life is a daring adventure and oh my, what an adventure it was in Bali with this gang! Some ATV Quad Bike Riders - South Africa meets USA!"

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Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here: