8 Reasons College Students Should Teach English in China

Rachel Weiss
Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here: www.rachelmeetschina.com

 / Sep 26, 2018

When graduation is looming, there's no doubt you'll be asked lots of questions about what your next step is. You may feel lots of pressure to start a career right away because you need a steady job or you have student loans to pay off. But what if you're not sure what you want to do?

Teaching English in China is a fantastic choice for college graduates for many reasons – whether you're looking for work experience, a new adventure, or the chance to travel and explore your passions, teaching English will benefit you in so many ways!  

Here are 8 Great Reasons You Should Teach English in China:

1. English Teachers Are in High Demand - No Experience, No Problem!

With more than 1.5 billion English learners worldwide, English teachers are in high demand, especially in China! Even as a recent college graduate, you won't have a problem finding a teaching position in China. As long as you have a bachelor degree, there are plenty of teaching positions available and you don't need years of previous work experience like you need for many other jobs.

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 2. Gain International Skills For Your Resume

You might ask yourself how teaching English will help you in other career fields – and it's an easy answer! When you’re teaching English in China, you're not only gaining great communication skills and learning how to work in an international environment, but you're also improving your public speaking and leadership abilities.  

On top of that, every day you're surrounded by a new culture that will challenge you to step up your creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.  Teaching abroad shows you are flexible and can adapt to any situation thrown at you. Those other corporate jobs aren't going anywhere – after you teach abroad there will still be plenty of options, and you'll be able to market yourself better to them with your international experience!

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3. Opportunity to Travel  

Lots of people jump straight into their career after graduation and never have the chance to travel someplace new. If you're worried about entering the work “rat race” (or trying to avoid it!), seize the opportunity to have an adventure. As an English teacher in China, you'll have the chance to travel to some amazing places, both in and out of China. China's fantastic location in Asia makes it convenient to jet to Tokyo for a long weekend or spend Chinese New Year on the beach in Thailand.

4. Earn Good Money With A Low Cost Of Living

Money is a huge factor to think about with any job – as an English teacher in China you’ll being earning enough money to not only live comfortably and afford many luxuries you couldn’t back home, but you’ll also be able to pay off loans and build some savings!

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5. Time To Explore Your Future Career Choices

It happens – you started studying something at school, but by the time you graduated you realized you weren't as interested in that career field, or you found it increasingly difficult to find a job related to your major.

If you're not quite sure what direction to take your career, teaching abroad will give the time and space to explore your options, and at the same time you'll be doing a meaningful and exciting job.

6. Network and Build Connections

When you live in China, you have the chance to meet people from all over the world. You'll make friends with lots of local Chinese people, as well as expats from many different countries. You never know what connections you will make and what opportunities will come your way because of people you meet and things you do in China.

And if you're looking to continue a career in an International career field, teaching English will give you the chance to build relationships on a global level.

7. Discover a New Culture and Find Your Passions

Many people have never had the chance to live in another country! Use this chance to soak up a new country, new food, and a new language.  Embrace local Chinese traditions and have fun learning all about 5000 years of Chinese history.

Living and working in a new country will also expand your horizons and give you a chance to try things you might never have tried before - sing at KTV, take Chinese lessons, or learn to play mahjong. You'll have time to explore new hobbies and things you're passionate about!

8. Make a Difference

Teaching English is more than just a way to earn money and travel – it's also a way to connect with students and actively invest in their lives. You have the chance to build relationships with students and inspire them, not only in their English studies, but in other aspects as well.

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Teach English in China After Graduation

Between traveling opportunities, job availability, and other benefits, it's easy to see why so many college graduates choose to teach English in China after graduating! If you'd like to learn more about teaching English in China, check out this article: Start A New Adventure - Find a Job in China!

What are you waiting for? Begin your adventure teaching English in China and apply now!

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Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here: www.rachelmeetschina.com