Living in Shenyang, China as an ESL Teacher

Rachel Weiss
Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here:

 / Aug 17, 2018

Shenyang is the capital city of Liaoning Province and also one of the largest cities in Northeastern China. With more than 8 million people, Shenyang is an important economical and cultural center that has more than 2,000 years of history.

Shenyang’s work opportunities, many historical attractions, and vibrant night-life make it a popular place for expats to live. The city offers a unique experience in Northern China with its own special cuisine, and it is also home to the International Snow and Ice Festival, the Xinglong Indoor Park and Glacier Zoological Paradise and two of China’s most famous imperial palaces.

What It's Like Working and Living in Shenyang

Meet Shantese Clark and Rhys Clements, two expats who currently live in Shenyang, China. Shantese recently moved to the city from Philadelphia, while Rhys Clement has lived in Shenyang for four years. Take a look at the video below and see why they love living and working in Shenyang!

Learn More About Teaching English in Shenyang, China

Shengyang is the perfect place to live and work in China if you're looking for a city that is both laid-back and very active! Whether you're relaxing at Beiling Park or hiking Qipan Mountain, there are countless things to do in Shenyang, China. If teaching in Shengyang sounds like an exciting opportunity to you, check out our Career China Opportunities page and apply today!

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Rachel Weiss

I'm an American who has been in China for three years! Read more about my adventures here: