How To Be A Vegetarian in China (Video)

Rachel Weiss
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Feb 19, 2019

When moving to China, what options are there for vegetarians?

If you’re a vegetarian (or just a big veggie lover!) living in China, you may be wondering what veggie options there are.

There are actually lots of veggie options when you’re eating in China. The trick is knowing what dishes they are and learning how to recognize them or say it in Chinese. It’s also helpful to learn certain phrases to tell a waiter or waitress that you don’t eat meat.

If you’re curious about being vegetarian in China, check out this video by Ryan and Thea, two expats living in Shenzhen, China. Ryan and Thea discuss what it is like living in China as a vegetarian and give some tips on how to order food.

Watch the video here.

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