Transportation Costs in China (Video)

Rachel Weiss
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
May 15, 2019

No matter where you are in China, you will always have options to help you get where you need to go. Here we’ll take a look at the average prices of taking different modes of transportation in China.

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Bus: 1-3 RMB

Cities in China will always have public buses to ride. These are usually very cheap, and may cost from 1 RMB - 3 RMB to ride for a local bus. There are also long distance buses that will go to the outer reaches of cities, and also connect different cities together. These will cost much more depending on the city you're going to.

Taxis: Starting from 7-13 RMB

Taxis are commonly found in China and offer a more comfortable travel experience. The starting cost of a taxi will vary depending on the city you live in, usually starting at 7RMB in a small city up to 13 RMB in a bigger city like Beijing. The cost increases after each kilometer you driver. In the video below, a 15 minute taxi ride in Beijing totaled up to 16 RMB. If you don’t speak Chinese make sure you have your destination in Chinese to show the taxi driver.

Didi: Starting from 10RMB

Didi is China’s version of Uber. There are a few different options for ordering a car: express, taxi, and premiere. The app is in English and it is usually very quick to get a Didi, unless it is a weekend or late night out. In the video below, it was 30 RMB for a 30-minute ride. Didi is very convenient because you can pay with Wechat or Alipay, or sometimes with cash.

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Bike: 1 RMB per ride

Bike sharing is a popular mode of transportation in China! Download an app like Mobike and Ofo to get started, then you can find a bike using the apps and scan the bike’s QR code to unlock it. Bike riding is very cheap and will usually cost 1RMB per ride.

Metro: 2-12 RMB

In bigger cities in China, the metro system is a convenient method for getting around. It usually costs 2-12 RMB depending on how many metro stops you are traveling.

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Using Transportation in China

Whether its for long distance or your daily commute, you have multiple ways to get around the city! Check out this video below to see more about costs in China and what it's like traveling on public transportation around in Beijing.

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