9 Things That Will Delay Your Chinese Visa

Rachel Weiss
Career China Digital Marketing Manager
Oct 28, 2018

After you make the decision to work in China, the fun part begins – applying for your Chinese visa! In order for your Chinese visa application to be accepted, it is important to prepare all the required documents exactly as specified. 

Some problems may arise during the visa application, especially if you accidentally miss a step or don’t follow a rule. In order to avoid any delays or issues, you should double check the requirements before submitting your application.


What Will Complicate Your Chinese Visa Process?


1.  Not Having The Proper Documents

There are many documents you will need to gather when applying for your Chinese visa. Review this list of documents to prepare for your Chinese Visa to make sure you don’t forget anything. If you are preparing to graduate, be aware that Chinese policy require your diploma, not a transcript. 

2. Not Following the Authentication Procedure

Some documents will need to be notarized or authenticated before you can submit them to the Career China team, such as your Police Background Check, a photocopy of your Bachelor degree, and photocopy of your TEFL above 120 hours. When you are authenticating these documents, pay careful attention so you don’t miss a step.


3. Your Visa Photo Doesn’t Follow the Requirements

No selfies allowed! Make sure your visa photo is high quality, professional, and meets the requirements. Check out more Visa Photo tips here. 


4. Passport Problems

If your passport has detached or torn pages, non-official markings, or water damage, there can be problems in the future. 


5. The Name On Your Documents Doesn't Match Your Passport Name

TThe name on your passport must be exactly the same as your name on every document. Unlike in some countries, in China your middle name is important.

6. You Have a Record on Your Background Check

If you have any record on your background check, you must check if you can get it expunged or not and how long it takes. If you cannot get it expunged then you will be denied a visa, please check with our Career China team as early as possible in the process.

7. The Authentication and TEFL Processes Take Money And Time

 If you cannot afford to authenticate all the documents or finish a TEFL in time then this will delay your process. On the other hand, if you are working full time and do not have a lot of time, be aware that to finish a TEFL or to authenticate documents it requires you to be on top of it so this may delay you. 

8. Your Forms are Not Printed Correctly

Make sure when you are printing your documents that your printer settings don’t cut off part of the form


9. Not Following the Directions

When applying for a Chinese visa it is important you know China’s specific requirements and follow the instructions carefully. Make sure you have the correct mailing address and payment and don't overlook any small details.


You can see all the Steps to Get your Working Visa for China here to make sure you understand the process fully.


Applying for Your Chinese Visa

There are many steps to follow when applying for you Chinese Visa, but don’t fret! If you carefully follow the instructions, your application process should be smooth. The Career China team is always available to help you with the procedures. Visit their page to find out more information about the Career China Visa Service.

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