Top Winter Travel Destinations in China

Rachel Weiss
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Nov 15, 2019

Winter is coming in China…but the cold weather shouldn’t stop your travel adventures! There are many awesome winter travel destinations in China, whether you're looking to enjoy special cold-weather activities, or are searching for a southern destination to escape the cold. We catch up with some of our English Teachers living in China to see some of their favorite winter travel destinations in China.

Top Winter Travel Destinations in China

Grab your passport and Starbucks Christmas mug and check out these awesome winter destinations in China that other expats have shared using #MyStoryInChina!

1. Harbin Ice Festival in China  

"I absolutely loved Harbin! It's like nowhere else I've ever been, I don't know anywhere else in the world that has huge ice sculptures and snow sculptures like that city. I went to Harbin because it looked amazing, and I had 5 other friends who also wanted to go! It was really fun to do in a small group, and very fun to explore the Russian streets as well as the ice and snow sculptures."

Watch an Instagram Takeover in Harbin, and also see Instagram Takeovers from other great destinations in China!

Photo by Cherice Neely

2. Ski Resorts in China

Many people may not know that China has lots of ski resort options! Check out Xuexiang (which means Snow Town) and Yabuli Ski Resort for some of the best skiiing and snowy scenic areas that China offers.

3. Sanya: China's Hawaii

If you’re looking to escape the winter blues, look at Sanya! Often called the Hawaii of China, Sanya is a southern beach getaway with mild winters and beautiful sandy beaches.

Photo by Charlise Rossouw

4. Travel to Yangshuo and Guilin

Another great Southern destination, Yangshuo is perfect is you'd like to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without the freezing weather that the northern part of China experiences. Lydia went during Christmas time in China and had a great time!

Photo by Lydia Nieson

5. Explore Beijing: The Forbidden City and the Great Wall

The capital city of China is a fantastic winter travel destination! While it might be a bit chilly, the winter time offers awesome scenic views of the famous Forbidden City and Great Wall. Check out some of these other awesome things to do in Beijing as well!

Photo by Alex Burrows

6. Chengdu and the Leshan Big Buddha

Take a trip to Sichuan and see the city of Chengdu and the Leshan Big Buddha! For more winter adventures, you can hike Emeishan, a famous mountain nearby.

Photo by Nicola Farmers

7. Hot Pot in China

While this is not really a destination, hot pot is a must-try winter experience in China! When the weather gets cold, run to your nearest hot pot restaurant to warm up with friends. Learn more about how to eat hot pot!

Photo by Rhowanda Sewbaran

8. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang

Located in the southern Yunnan Province, Lijiang a great winter choice because the Lijiang Old Town has a mild winter, but if you choose to visit the nearby Jade Snow Dragon Mountain you can experience a gorgeous winter wonderland with great mountain views.

Traveling in China During Wintertime

The winter season in China brings some exciting activities and special seasonal events that you can’t experience during other times of the year. China is a huge country that offers of variety of winter traveling options!

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