How Working in China Can Boost Your Resume!

Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson

Don’t be 60 years old and say… "I could have done that!" Do it now!

 / Dec 14, 2017

So you've graduated from University and you are trying to figure out your next step.  While searching potential job opportunities you may see that most entry level jobs prefer that you have experience...but it's entry level!  How do you get the experience that you need and boost your resume so that you stand out among all the other candidates applying for the same job?!?

Build your transferrable skills by working in China!

Whenever an employer is looking at candidates, they are looking for transferable skills.  Skills that you have honed over time which can be applied to many different jobs and situations.  These are some of the most valuable skills to develop, especially as a young professional just coming out of school. 

In reality, employers are looking for transferrable skills most -- even more than experience (in some cases).  The great thing about getting a job in China is that you can not only have a chance to explore a new culture & meet some great people from around the world, but it gives you the opportunity to practice these transferrable skills.

Consider these transferable skills and how they could enhance your resume:

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Make Your Resume Stand Out!

Let's be honest, when hiring managers are looking at all these resumes, they see a lot of the exact same stuff -- especially from new graduates.  Building your resume by working in China is something that will not only make your resume stand out from the rest, but it will also make you memorable.  Plus, moving overseas is gutsy.  Most people will admire your confidence, especially your future employers.

Watch the video below to learn more about why you should consider working in China to boost your resume!

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Josh Wilson

Don’t be 60 years old and say… "I could have done that!" Do it now!