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First Leap HQ (Beijing) Primary Researcher & Teacher

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  • Beijing

    Being capital of the People's Republic of China, Beijing is the nation's political, economic, and cultural center. Located in north China,it also serves as the most important transportation hub and port of entry.

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  • Posted on 2017/10/13 20:00
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Posted on 2017/10/13 20:00 3 Openings

School Description


First Leap is a teaching institution with a content language integrated learning (CLIL) curriculum. The students learn through creatively designed lessons in subjects such as; art, music, world culture, global leadership, science, reading, virtual PE and logical thinking. First Leap has an already developed curriculum, pre-prepared and tested lessons that are taught with interactive whiteboards. The company originated in Beijing and now has grown over 47 cities in China with around 125 training centers across the whole country.


Details of Position:

You will be responsible for designing and developing the primary phase curriculum (for learners aged 6-12) whilst also delivering quality lessons to our First Leap students. We are looking for teachers who are positive, active and outgoing who have a passion for education. First Leap constantly gives teachers the opportunity to learn more about teaching through an array of different training programs. Through these training programs First Leap has different career paths to offer.

Requirements to Teach English in Beijing China:

      Speaks English at an Idiomatic level.

      Degree: BA or above (Education, linguistics or English degree given top priority).

      Experience: TEFL / other teaching certificate OR 2 years teaching experience required.

      Experience: Secondary teaching or research and development experience preferred.

      Required in interview: Teaching Demo & after interview completed assignment provided by the interviewer *

      Relocate: Must be willing to relocate to China.

Responsibilities for Teachers in Beijing China:

      Student age range: 6– 12 years old.

      Class size: 10 – 14 students in one class.

      Class length: 40 minutes to 50 minutes containing various creative teaching techniques.

      Working Hours: 40 Hours Work Week (days off are discussed with employer); office hours, training and teaching hours *

      Curriculum: CLIL (Content Learning Integrated Language) formed curriculum, the Chinese teachers will teach lessons provided for the subject of Language Arts. The curriculum has been created to integrate western style education, the international teachers will teach in CLIL subjects like Science, Math, Art, Music, etc.

      Training: Day 1 First Leap Junior Training and Research & Development training / On-going training throughout the year – provided by training department team of teachers (Foreign and Chinese).

What We Offer our Teachers:

      Airfare to China: Flight is provided.

      Visa: Assistance in sponsored legal Z Work Visa in your home country and in China.

      Arrival: Airport Pickup assistance.

      On boarding: Ground service assistance.

Your compensation will include:

Net Monthly income: USD 2200 – 2900 (RMB 15,000 – 20,000) *


      Base Salary: USD 1400 – 1700 (RMB 10,000 – 12,000) *

      Relocation bonus: One-time payment - paid on first payslip USD 1100 (RMB 8,000).

      Housing: Monthly stipend USD 580 (RMB 4,000).

      Bonus: Monthly bonus every month – calculated by teacher’s performance data *

      Airfare Bonus: Provided once contract is fulfilled USD 1100 (RMB 8,000).

      Over time: Amount stipulated in handbook by school.

      Insurance: Basic Chinese health insurance.

      Public Holiday: Chinese public holidays off, Christmas and New Year’s Day off.

      Annual Holiday: Stipulated by school in interview – this depends on the working hours *

      Sick Leave: 5 paid days’ sick leave.

Other benefits include:

      Organized team-building activities

      Personal Career Development Planning

*Subject to working location details will be specified during the interview process with the recruiter or school.



First Leap China

A business unit of TAL Education Group (NYSE, TAL), established in Beijing in 2009.

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First Leap HQ (Beijing) Primary Researcher & Teacher

3 Openings Beijing ¥ 15000-20000 /Month Apply For This Job Applied

First Leap HQ (Beijing) Primary Researcher & Teacher

3 Openings
Beijing ¥ 15000-20000 /Month Apply Applied
Apply For This Job Applied

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