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Yungu School Hangzhou PE Teacher

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Company Description

Yungu School is a K-12 school established by Alibaba partners. Our great team of educators and engineers work together for children by blending wisdom and civilizations of both East and West, to create a high-quality education. Yungu School respects individual differences and advocates personal development. It provides students with 15 years of learning experience from kindergarten through high school, with a school-based national curriculum, combined with innovative teaching ideas and methods.

Our passion for re-imagining education includes; designing the various curriculum and projects to meet the growth needs of our students, connecting with parents and students to learn how we can meet their needs, building innovative technology tools for the school and recruiting the best talent for our team. Yungu School is a school based in China and designed for the world by nurturing students to grow into global citizens and lifelong learners with goodwill, happiness, independent thinking and social responsibility. 

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for teachers who can; inspire children and adults with an enthusiasm for learning, have a desire in continuous personal and professional growth and can establish and maintain constructive relationships.


  • Participates in the physical education curriculum design and development. 
  • Teaches knowledge and skills in physical fitness, health education, and individual, dual or team sports. 
  • Works cooperatively with other physical education teachers in planning and implementing a balanced physical education program. 
  • Analyzes, demonstrates, and explains basic skills, knowledge and strategies of formal sports, games, rhythms, and fundamentals of body movement. 
  • Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior to provide an orderly, productive environment in the physical education areas. 
  • Provides appropriate safety instruction and makes safety checks on equipment and field areas to ensure the overall safety of students. 
  • Evaluates each student’s growth in physical skills, knowledge and contribution in team sports. 
  • Supervises students in out-of-classroom activities during the assigned working day.  

Requirements to Teach in China

  • Speaks English at an Idiomatic level.
  • Degree: Bachelor’s degree or above in Physical Education. 
  • Certificate: Current and Valid Teacher Certificate of home country preferred.
  • Experience: Two year’s teaching experience in Physical Education. 

Position Details

  • Student age range: 7—15 years old.
  • Class size: 15—25 students per class. 
  • Class length: For primary school: 35 minutes, for middle school: 50minutes.
  • Working Days & Hours: Monday to Friday, from 07:45am to 17:15pm.
  • Curriculum: Yungu curriculum is developed from the National Curriculum, and consists of compulsory, extended and potential courses. The bilingual immersion learning environment helps students to learn the essence of Chinese culture and to appreciate world cultures. Guided by advanced educational philosophy, we explore innovative teaching methods and provide various courses such as traditional culture, library information literacy, PBL (Project Based Learning) and DT (Design Thinking). Our curriculum is integrated with knowledge, social ability and potential training so that our students can achieve their best through personalized learning and develop lifelong learning skills.
  • Chinese Teaching Assistant: You will be assisted with a bilingual Chinese teacher for each class.

What We Offer our Teachers

  • Flight: One way to China.
  • Visa: Sponsored legal Z Work Visa.
  • On boarding: Ground service assistance.

Your compensation will include:

Monthly Salary: USD 3000 – 5400 (20,000 – 35,000 RMB) After tax.

  • Base Salary: USD 2300 – 4700 (15,000 – 30,000 RMB) After-tax.
  • Housing: Monthly stipend USD 780 (5,000 RMB).

Additional Payments

  • Bonus: End of year bonus; two month’s salary (14 months’ salary).
  • Airfare Bonus: Round-trip ticket, once the contract is fulfilled. 
  • Public Holiday: Chinese public holidays off, Christmas and New Year’s Day off. 
  • Annual Holiday: Summer holiday & Winter holiday paid.
  • Sick Leave: Paid 2 days’ sick leave every term.
  • Insurance: social insurance and commercial insurance (life & medical insurance).
  • Pay Day: The last workday of each month.

Other benefits include

  • Organized team-building activities.

*Subject to working location details will be specified during the interview process with the recruiter or school.

Yungu School

A K-12 school established by Alibaba partners.

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Yungu School Hangzhou PE Teacher

1 Openings China, Nationalwide ¥ 15000-30000 /Month Apply For This Job Applied

Yungu School Hangzhou PE Teacher

1 Openings
China, Nationalwide ¥ 15000-30000 /Month Apply Applied
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