Beijing Royal English Middle School Teacher

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School Description


We are looking for enthusiastic teaches who possess professional knowledge and who are able to motivate and build a good rapport with students.

Location: Beijing.

Requirements to Teach English in China:

  • Speaks English at an Idiomatic level.
  • Degree: BA or above (Education, linguistics or English degree given top priority).
  • Experience: TEFL / other teaching certificate OR 2 years teaching experience required.
  • Relocate: Must be willing to relocate to China.

Responsibilities for Teachers in China:

  • Subject teachers needed for: Science, Music, P.E, Art, Oral English, TOEFL, MYP (International baccalaureate program).
  • Student age range: 10 – 16 years old.
  • Class size: 20 – 30 students in one class.
  • Class length: 40 minutes to 1 hour per class.
  • Working Hours: 28.5 hours (Wednesday – Sunday); office hours and teaching hours.
  • Curriculum: Provided and specific to subject taught.
  • Chinese Teaching Assistant: You will be assisted with a bilingual Chinese teacher.

What We Offer our Teachers:

  • Arrival: Airport Pickup assistance.
  • On boarding: Ground service assistance.

Your compensation will include:

Net Monthly income: USD 2600 – 7400 (RMB 18,000 – 50,000) after tax *


  • Base Salary: USD 2200 – 5200 (RMB 15,000 – 35,000) after tax *
  • Housing: Provided studio or 2-bedroom apartment.
  • Relocation Bonus: Provided by school *
  • Bonus: Monthly / quarterly / yearly bonus provided depending on school *
  • Airfare Bonus: Yearly round trip airfare from Beijing to your home country.
  • Demo class bonus: Bonus provided for each student signed up*
  • Over time: Hourly rate or amount stipulated in contract by school*
  • Insurance: Health insurance (Vision and dental excluded).
  • Public Holiday: Chinese public holidays off.
  • Annual Holiday: 30 Paid annual leave, Summer and Winter holiday (discussed with school).
  • Sick Leave: Up to 5 paid days’ sick leave*
  • Visa: Assistance in sponsored legal Z Work Visa in your home country and in China.

Other benefits include:

  • Regular/annual physical check-up
  • Subsidized meals at school cafeteria.
  • Free Chinese lessons on campus.
  • Field trips each semester.
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities.
  • Faculty’s children free schooling provided on campus.

*Subject to working location details will be specified during the interview process with the recruiter or school.

Bejing Royal School

Beijing Royal Education (BRE) has been devoted to precollege,international education of the highest standard. Integrating eastern and western pedagogical techniques and resources

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Beijing Royal English Middle School Teacher

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Beijing Royal English Middle School Teacher

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