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School Description

First Leap is a teaching institution with a content language integrated learning (CLIL) curriculum. The students learn through creatively designed lessons in subjects such as; art, music, world culture, global leadership, science, reading, virtual PE and logical thinking. First Leap has an already developed curriculum, pre-prepared and tested lessons that are taught with interactive whiteboards. The company originated in Beijing and now have grown over 41 cities in China, there are over 25 schools based in Beijing and around 150 foreign teachers.


Details of Position:

You will be responsible for; reviewing and enhancing the International Department’s HR processes, onboarding, and career development using appropriate technology or management tool. Recommends and supports implementation of updates and changes to department’s operation is required.

Analyzes business needs, documents requirements, and suggests change to department’s processes and systems. We expect the Senior Manager to have vision and commitment to projects, be decisive and communicate well with different departments across the company. They should be able to utilize sources and collaborate with their team to solve any conflict within the department.

Requirements to Teach English in Beijing China:

  • Speaks English at an Idiomatic level.

  • Degree: BA or above (Management, Education, linguistics or English degree given top priority).

  • Experience: 2 years or more management experience in a multi-cultural work environment.

  • Relocate: Must be willing to relocate to China.

Responsibilities for Teachers in Beijing China:

  • Management of International Department for better support to corporate and franchise centers across China.

  • Supervise direct reporting staff according to overall company policy and standards.

  • Apply strategic planning to determine department’s objectives as well as set employee goals and objectives.

  • Develop staff to maximize potential, delegate work duties to staff to attain objectives, monitor staff performance including performance reviews.

  • Allocate use of available resources, evaluate current work processes and systems, plan and implement procedures and systems to maximize operating efficiency.

  • Co-ordinate financial and budget activities for maximum operational efficiency, review performance data (financial, sales and activity reports) to monitor and measure productivity, goal progress and activity levels.

What We Offer our Teachers:

  • Airfare to China: Flight is provided.

  • Visa: Assistance in sponsored legal Z Work Visa in your home country and in China.

  • Arrival: Airport Pickup assistance.

  • On boarding: Ground service assistance.

Your compensation will include:

Yearly income: USD 45,500 – 60,700 (RMB 300,000 – 400,000) *

  • Housing: Monthly stipend USD 1,500 (RMB 10,000).

  • Airfare allowance per year USD 1,500 (RMB 10,000).

  • Insurance allowance per year USD 1,500 (RMB 10,000).

  • 3-year completion contract bonus USD 4,500 (RMB 30,000).

  • Public Holiday: Chinese public holidays off, Christmas and New Year’s Day off.

  • Annual Holiday: 15 paid days per year.

  • Sick Leave: 5 paid days’ sick leave.

Other benefits include:

  • Organized team-building activities

  • Personal Career Development Planning

*Subject to working location details will be specified during the interview process with the recruiter or school.


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Salary $ - USD/Month
Other Benefits

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First Leap China

School information

First Leap English, a business unit of TAL Education Group (NYSE, TAL), established in Beijing in 2008, is flourishing and expanding across China, with over 30, 000 students, and top 3 brand recognition in the Chinese education industry. Created to provide much-needed quality afterschool English training for children aged 1.5 – 15 years old, in a fun, motivating and entirely English speaking environment. 

First Leap provides children with high quality and full scene English education. The school has developing and innovating internationally leading educational products and services since 2008. Which committed to providing scientific parenting solutions for Chinese families. Teaching English is not only purpose, but also encourage and cultivate children’s self-confidence, happiness, and comprehensive quality leadership, with a new generation of global competitiveness.

First Leap has opened more than 80 teaching centers in more than 30 cities in China. The full curriculum system is based on the CLIL education concept, the high-tech education method, which developed and innovated by domestic and foreign experts. The curriculum covers young children stage, pre-school stage, primary and junior high school stage, which help children get through overseas high school.

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About Shenzhen

Shenzhen is located in the southern portion of the Guangdong Province. In 1980, the first Special Economic Zone of China was built here. From then on, the city become a highlight of China, one known for its rapid economic growth.

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