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Early Childhood English teacher

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  • Shenyang

    Shenyang, the largest city in Northeast China, is the capital of Liaoning Province. Giving birth to the ancient Qing Dynasty, it has one of the country's two best preserved imperial palace complexes.

  • 13000-21000 /Month
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  • Posted on 2019/02/22
  • Young learners
  • Paid holiday
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Posted on 2019/02/22 0 Openings

Company Description

Kubeiland is a high-end chain kindergarten in Shenyang, China. There are around 500 students aged from 2 to 6 years old at the kindergarten, we have 10 foreign teachers and 130 Chinese teachers. The English teaching method is “immersion program”. 

Ideal Candidate

What are looking for teachers who are easy going, friendly, have a passion for teaching and the most importantly love working with children.


• Prepare and provide high quality English lessons to students aged 2 to 6 years old, every lesson has a theme.

• Attend meetings if necessary.

• Attend extracurricular or events organised by the kindergarten. 

Requirements to teach in China:

• Speaks English at an Idiomatic level.

• Degree: BA or above (Education, linguistics or English degree given top priority).

• Experience: Education related experience is preferred.

• Relocate: Must be willing to relocate to China.

Position Details:

• Student age range: 2 - 6 years old.

• Class size: 20 to 30 students per class. 

• Class length: 60 minutes per class. 

• Working Hours: 20 teaching hours per week from Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 4:30pm.

• Curriculum: A curriculum will be provided, it includes teaching themes, however Foreign teachers must create a lesson plan accordingly.

• Chinese Teaching Assistant: You will be assisted with a bilingual Chinese teacher.

• Training: One day paid training on the introduction of Kubeiland kindergarten. 

Your compensation will include:

• Monthly income: USD 1884 - 3043 (13,000 - 21,000 RMB) after tax

• Housing: Provided single room apartment. 

Additional Payments:

• Visa: Sponsored legal Z Work Visa.

• Arrival: Airport Pickup assistance.

• On boarding: Ground service assistance.

• Airfare Bonus: Flight to China can be reimbursed once contract is signed on arrival of school. Return tickets can be provided once the one year contract is fulfilled.

• Insurance: Accident Insurance. 

• Public Holiday: Chinese public holidays paid off. 

• Sick Leave: Paid sick leave 3 days per year.

Other benefits include:

• Breakfast and lunch is free on working days.

Kubeiland International Kindergarten

Kubeiland is a high-end chain kindergarten in Shenyang.

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Early Childhood English teacher

0 Openings Shenyang ¥ 13000-21000 /Month Apply For This Job Applied

Early Childhood English teacher

0 Openings
Shenyang ¥ 13000-21000 /Month Apply Applied
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