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With its explosive growth and development, China plays a major role in the global economy and is at the forefront of these opportunities. Chinese educational institutions are looking to hire professionals from overseas. This presents a valuable opportunity for you to expose yourself to a different culture and embark on an exciting journey, to learn and grow, to experience and be inspired – personally and professionally, all while making a comfortable living.


There are many positions in cities across the whole country.

Job Description:

Positions offered are towards both young learners and adult groups in China, including ESL teaching, subject teaching, English TV presenter, online English teaching, essay counselor, research & curriculum development, management, and American football coaching. Schedule an interview with a Career China Career Consultant to find out about the opportunities that appeal to you.


All educational institutions we partner with are well-known brands in China, such as First Leap, EF (Education First), Meten, Peking University, ABIE, Perfect English, Nanjing Studio English, Ivy Gate, and so on. Many schools or companies have similar types of positions. We provide the names of the recommended schools/companies, specific locations and job descriptions to you, during or after the first interview between your and a Career China career consultant. We aim to match you to a school based on the understanding of your background and personal preference during the interview. 

Requirements to teach in China:

·            Speaks English at an Idiomatic level.

·            Degree: BA or above (Education, linguistics or English degree given top priority).

·            Experience: TEFL / other teaching certificate OR 2 years teaching experience required.

·            Passionate, responsible, and enjoy being around people.

·            Must be willing to relocate to China.

·            Some positions have other specific requirements (referring to the job description of the position) * 

Position Details in China:

·            Student age range: 2 – 12 years old; 12 – 15 years old; 15 – 18 years old; 18 years old and above.

·            Class size range: less than 10 students in one class; 10 – 30 students in one class; more than 30 students in one class.

·            Class length: 40 minutes to 1 hour containing various creative teaching techniques.

·            Chinese Teaching Assistant: You will be assisted with a bilingual Chinese teacher *

·            Working Days & Hours: 32 – 40 Hours Work Week; office hours and teaching hours *

·            Curriculum: Provided textbooks, full curriculum or content to teach students *

·            Training: Initial and on-going training throughout your contract with the school/company *


What We Offer our Teachers:

·            Flight: Flight to China.

·            Visa: Sponsored legal Z Work Visa.

·            Arrival: Airport Pickup assistance.

·            On boarding: Ground service assistance.



Your Compensation Will Include:

·            For typical entry level positions: USD 1400- 3500 per month after tax (depending on the position, type of educational institution, candidate’s background, city, etc.) *; pay for certain positions are higher than this range

·            Housing: Provided housing OR stipend USD 210 – 580 (RMB 1500 – 4000) *

·            Bonus: Performance bonus either monthly, quarterly or yearly *

·            Public Holidays: Chinese public holidays *

·            Annual Leave: Paid or unpaid annual leave *

·            Sick Leave: Paid sick leave *

·            Airfare bonus after contract fulfillment: Up to USD 1100 (RMB 8000) *


Other Benefits Include:

·            Settle-in allowance of USD 900 (equivalent to RMB 6000) *

·            TEFL/TESOL certification expenses*

·            Organized team-building activities.

·            Personal Career Development Planning.


*Subject to working location details of whether it applies to a specific position will be specified during the application process with the recruiter.


Instructions - Next Steps to explore your educational job opportunities in China:

1.    First, simply click “Apply Now” button on this page.

2.    Second, either to choose “Sign up” to create your profile on this website and upload your resume, or click “Fast Apply” with uploading your resume only.

3.    Our talent specialist team will review your information and contact you for scheduling an interview with one of our career consultants.

4.    And you can always review all our open jobs on CareerChina.com at any time (you can apply for more than one).


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Career China

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Career China is premier global firm that matches talented international professionals with reputable Chinese companies who want to recruit from overseas. 

Career China is a member company of TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL). TAL Education Group was named by MPP BrandZ as the #1 Most Valuable Education Brand in China in 2017. 

Career China makes it easy to find a secure job in China with a reputable company. We’re here for you every step of the way, ensuring a comfortable transition to your life in China. ESL Teacher in China, Living in China, Working in China, English Teacher in China, and so much more. 

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