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Join a group of like-minded college students from around the world who share a passion for global citizenship, cross-cultural learning, breaking down barriers, traveling, and connecting the world.

The Marketing & Social Media Ambassador Program was designed to help college students grow their professional skills and gain real-world, international experience. Ambassadors will not only participate in the global community, but promote and build the community through marketing and social media.

A Head Start Toward Your Marketing Career

By being accepted into the program, you will get a leg-up on other marketing or business students. Ambassadors have the opportunity to participate in international marketing training, community discussions, professional mentorship, real-life marketing & social media activities and projects, social media connections, as well as paid bonuses.

Summary of Duties

The Ambassador position acts as a representative of Career China to build online and offline awareness of the Global Campus Life online community, as well as the #MyLifeOnCampus global campaign. This is done through various social media outlets, as well as on-campus events and programs at the University level. Beyond participating, promoting, and building the global community, ambassadors will also grow awareness of job opportunities overseas and assist students who are interested in going abroad to work after graduation.

About Career China:

Career China is the leading firm for relocation and international job placement in China. The company specializes in providing international marketing consulting and support services to companies in China to help them improve their overseas branding and talent acquisition.

Career China is also a business unit of TAL (NYSE: TAL), which is the largest and most respected education brand in China.

What You Will Get from This Program

  • Stand out from other students when competing for jobs - an immediate conversation starter!
  • Cutting-edge professional mentorship and learning in the ever-changing and popular marketing and social media disciplines.
  • Real-world experience in marketing and social media, which you can tout on your resume
  • Experience working with a remote, international team
  • International working experience with a globalized company in China
  • Paid bonuses and rewards for participating in events, completing projects / activities and earn even more if you get leads or book interviews
  • Build your connections with like-minded students, and make friends from around the world!
  • Opportunities to go abroad for work after graduation
  • Recommendations from industry professionals to improve your job prospects
  • You may also qualify for internship credit at your University

Ambassador Responsibilities:

The role of marketing and social media ambassador covers 4 main areas, as described below.


1. Build Brand Awareness Online


  • Support the growth of the Global Campus Life online community
  • Promote the Global Campus Life Facebook Group among college students and encourage them to join and participate in the conversation online
  • Be active in the Global Campus Life Facebook Group by sharing your own college experiences and topics that are meaningful to college students around the world - with the intention of sparking conversations online.
  • Engage with posts from other students and ambassadors online, including the Facebook Group.
  • Support our campaign hashtag #MyLifeOnCampus by using on relevant personal social media posts, and encourage other students to use the hashtag as well to build buzz and growth.
  • Participate in the Digital Panda Network (DPN) by completing specific challenges which amplify the campaign online and earn points which can be redeemed for cash and prizes
  • When appropriate, promote content about working abroad & job opportunities with Career China

2. Build Brand Awareness Offline (On-Campus / Locally)


  • Bring our global message to your local University level & fellow students
  • Act as a “social butterfly” on campus to build your personal and professional network across student organizations, departments, etc.
  • Seek out and create opportunities on your campus to help promote Global Campus Life community.
  • Participate in events, large and small, on and off campus where you can creatively tie in the Global Campus Life community to grow awareness by sparking a conversation and encouraging students to connect with others around the world.
  • Connect with departments on-campus where our community message will resonate and build relationships.

3. Lead Generation

  • Develop professional lead generation techniques on-campus by networking, following-up and nurturing students who are interested in going abroad for work after graduation.
  • Learn how to effectively leverage on-campus events such as job fairs, meet-up nights, movie nights, etc. to garner interest in working overseas and collect leads.
  • Submit leads to online database, and book interviews for those who are nearing graduation and searching for jobs overseas.

4. Personal Growth Through Learning & Development (Marketing Accelerator)


  • Develop professional marketing and social media skills by taking advantage of our “Marketing Accelerators”, conducted by experienced international marketing professionals.
  • Participate in monthly webinars on hot marketing & social media topics, such as blogging, vlogging, social media trends and techniques, interviews with online influencers and more!
  • Complete activities and projects which put to practice specific techniques taught from mentors to gain real-world experience
  • Build a portfolio and your resume with cutting-edge marketing skills, with possibilities to be published online.


  • Enrolled full-time at an accredited College or University
  • Business, Marketing, Communications, and Social Media majors preferred
  • Proven interest in online communication, digital marketing, and social media
  • Savvy with social media trends and pop-culture, particularly among the college student demographic
  • Experience participating or leading student organizations on campus highly preferred

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How much can I save each month in China?


Career China

School information

Career China is premier global firm that matches talented international professionals with reputable Chinese companies who want to recruit from overseas. 

Career China is a member company of TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL). TAL Education Group was named by MPP BrandZ as the #1 Most Valuable Education Brand in China in 2017. 

Career China makes it easy to find a secure job in China with a reputable company. We’re here for you every step of the way, ensuring a comfortable transition to your life in China. ESL Teacher in China, Living in China, Working in China, English Teacher in China, and so much more. 

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