China Visa Service

The Career China visa team will help walk you through the entire process of getting your legal working visa in China.

The Career China visa team will help walk you through the entire process of getting
your legal working visa in China.

Get Your Legal Work Visa

  • Visa Document Preparation

    There are a number of documents that you will need to gather prior to applying for your Chinese visa. In addition, many of these documents will need to be notorized / authenticated / legalized. Our team will help you go through the check list and verify that you have everything you need before applying for your China working visa.

    Check Your Document List Now
    Visa Preparation in China
  • Visa Documents in China

    Mail Necessary Documents

    Once you have gathered all the required documents and gotten them notorized / authorized, then you need to send them to our team so they can process your your official work permit in China. Upon completion, we will send the documents back to you, including your work permit, so that you can submit them along with your application at the Chinese Embassy in your home country.

  • Chinese Work Visa Application

    You may complete the Chinese visa application online, and print the PDF to sign it. Then, you will need to go to the Chinese Embassy in your country to submit your application as well as all of your required supporting documents. (Estimated time: 5 business days)

    Detailed Steps for Visa Process
    Visa Application in China
  • Arrving in China

    Arriving in China

    After you have received your visa for China, you are ready to come to China! Upon arrival, there are still some things you will need to do to fully complete the process. In conjunction with your employer, we will assist you with getting registered at the police department in the area you reside, and any additional medical check-ups (if required).

  • Receive Your China Resident Permit

    Lastly, you will submit your final documents and passport to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) in person so that you may get your official resident permit for living and working in China.

    China Resident Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I invite my friends/family members to China?

    Once you get a residence visa in China, you can prepare the following documents for their visit.

    A. Invitation letter

    B. Copy of your passport bio-page and residence permit

    C. Reservation of air ticket

    D. Family relationship proof for family

  • Two pages of my passport are detached from the passport, I have embedded them back and I have not had any problem with travelling on it. Do I need a new passport?

    In this situation, we would advise that you get a new one. The embassy/consulate may refuse to issue a visa with your passport in such a state. Even if you get a visa in it, the immigration officers at border may still question you upon arrival regarding the condition of your passport and decline you entrance.

  • Is there any possibility that I could come to China for a management position, and still do some work as a teacher? Would this be easier to get work permit?

    To apply for a working visa in China, strenuous efforts have to be made on both sides, and the process is rather long. Typically, the visa approval process is are closely watched by the immigration department. If you are approved for this visa as a manager, but really work as a teacher, it is likely immigration could find out. Further, Career China is a company with an honorable reputation for compliance; therefore, this is not something we can do.

  • When do I need to update my Registration Form of Temporary Residence (RFTR)?

    There are two kind of RFTR in Beijing: One is issued by the hotel front desk (if you are going to live in a hotel long-term, this is what we will assist you with getting during your training). The other one is issued by the local police station (if you find a long term apartment to live in China).

    If you are going to live in a hotel: We need your address for the work permit application, you must stay in the same address during the whole process of the work permit application. It is about 3 weeks. Tell them you are going to use this as application document to apply for your visa, let them issue a standard form. The RFTR you get from hotel is different from hotel to hotel.

    If you are going to live in a long term apartment: This kind of RFTR can be obtained at the Local Police Station in charge of the area of your apartment.

    NOTE: please update the RFTR once you get a new visa in 24 hours. And update it again before renewing your visa.